The illusive Space-Time: How large is the Universe?


Spacetime fabric (Image Courtesy Wikipedia)

No matter how hard I think, I can’t even come close to visualizing space time. And I am sure not even Einstein could , though he was the one who came up with the counter-intuitive and bold concept of time dilation. While the maths is absolutely spot-on and it has lived up almost a century now, describing the world at an macro scale scale (yes, the quantum world has got a different set of maths), I am sure it would take us ages to be able to engulf it (but if Darwin […] Continue Reading…

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It isn’t over yet. Amazon just rocks!



Image Courtesy (Amazon)
It isn’t over yet! You may tend to feel that I am biased towards Amazon, but I have to write this. While I was still going gaga over the replacement of my Kindle, I never imagined what more could I expect. To be precise, I was facing this peculiar issue of Kindle getting restarted on it’s own and a faster than normal battery drain. I read on some forums that some people have faced this issue and strangely attribute this to the leather cover for Kindle (non-lighted).
I thought I was in the same […] Continue Reading…

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Amazon customer service – It doesn’t get better than this!

The Kindle! (Image courtesy- Amazon)

I’ve just experienced what might be the best customer service in my life! It is definitely the best so far. The story goes like this. Eyeing an eReader for a long time, I had ordered a Kindle back in November. Since I one of my friends was travelling to India from the US, I got my Kindle delivered in the US. Once I laid my hands on it, it was definitely one of the most prized gadget I ever owned (yes, there are emotions involved).

The Kindle worked flawlessly for a couple of […] Continue Reading…

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee Live!


Tim Berners-Lee, founder WWW

I am in Riyadh to attend the 2nd ELI Conference on eLearning, which is the largest conference of its kind in Saudi Arabia. I was particular excited to listen to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder WWW and Jimmy Wales, founder Wikipedia. We all watch so many speakers on video sites like you-tube, TED etc. I was particularly interested to see if it is a different experience to listen to them live.

And there is a huge difference. You suddenly feel more connected. Even though I was just one of the crowd, there was a […] Continue Reading…

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Egypt: We toppled the ruler!

Last couple of days I’ve met at least a dozen people from Egypt. And they all are invariably saying
We have successfully toppled our leader and we are free!
They can’t seem to hide their excitement. They just look so relaxed. It was really nice to witness the excitement of what is going to become one of the historic events of our times.

I am happy that the Pyramids and museums are safe. I was scared of them being damaged before I witness them 😉

Cheers to the Egyptians!

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