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It isn’t over yet! You may tend to feel that I am biased towards Amazon, but I have to write this. While I was still going gaga over the replacement of my Kindle, I never imagined what more could I expect. To be precise, I was facing this peculiar issue of Kindle getting restarted on it’s own and a faster than normal battery drain. I read on some forums that some people have faced this issue and strangely attribute this to the leather cover for Kindle (non-lighted).

I thought I was in the same boat and decided to call up Amazon customer care again.  In just about 5 minutes:

  • I was refunded the amount for the leather cover.
  • And Amazon offered a US$ 25 promo to purchase the lighted cover.
  • And Amazon offered to refund the customs and shipping costs incurred to get the new cover  shipped to India.
  • And they proved that they are really building “Earth’s most customer-centric company” as they claim.

The cover is already on its way and will possibly reach India before I am there.

What more could I write!

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Amit Srivastava

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Nishith - April 26, 2011

Are you as jinxed as Romil to be facing repeated problems in the first place 😉

Amit Srivastava - April 26, 2011

@Nishith: Not really. My Nokia phone hangs more frequently than Kindle. I guess. The problem was not too irritating, but before it got worse I thought to call them up. And they responded in style!

I think I am getting obsessed with Amazon now. Need to stop!

Deepesh - April 29, 2011

join them, they are looking for people!

Deepesh - April 29, 2011

btw, you need to turn off your ads, it is promoting mba from iipm 😉

Amit Srivastava - April 30, 2011

@DY: 🙂

MBA from IIPM? Hmmm….. I need to re-visit the add filtering options!


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