The impact of the Ayodhya verdict..

I’ll keep this simple. This is how the Ayodhya verdict has impacted me so far:

I had to cancel an important meeting last Friday in Bangalore because of this. And to add to the frustration, the verdict didn’t come then.
I had to go for my marriage registration tomorrow and the advocate says that with the verdict coming, no work will happen tomorrow. Now this gets pushed by a couple of weeks at least.
I have to go to Lucknow tomorrow which seems to be turned into a military ground today. And there is a good chance of the trip being cancelled.

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TOEATs in south..

Everytime I visit Bangalore/ Mysore, there are a couple of things always on my TO-EAT list:

Vada Sambhar
Garlic Rice and Dal fry @ Greens Mysore

I just love the way tea is prepared in this part of the country. It is strong without being bitter. Somehow almost all tea shops get it right. I don’t know how. I tried to replicate it myself but I end up making it bitter. Hopefully someday, I will conqer the art.

Vada sambhar is just amazing. There’s no question of missing on this one. However, unlike the tea, vada doesn’t taste the same everywhere.

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Going wireless…

It has been quite a while that I am fed-up with all the wires I need to manage for all my electrical and electronic equipments. While we can’t get rid of all wires, some of them can quickly be eliminated. Here’s my wireless story so far:

It started with going wi-fi a few years ago with the Linksys WRT54G (alright, I know I should move to wifi-N):

Linksys Wifi Router (WRT54G)

Then came the bluetooth headset from Nokia:

Nokia bluetooth BH-104 Then came this wireless mouse from Microsoft (yes I have the RED one and I like it!):

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AlBaha….Signing off..


Last couple of days, I have been at AlBaha, the hill station in the desert! It literally is. The temperature during the day is about 30 degrees and during the night, it becomes really cool. Before coming down, I had read about the place and got an impression of it being a tourist place. I expected it to be a lively city with lots of tourists, especially that it boasts a pleasant climate in a region which is otherwise full of desert. But that was not to be. The airport itself looked deserted. Ours was the only […] Continue Reading…

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How I tracked my passport!

Continuing from where I had left the last post, the taxi had to be tracked somehow. But how? How could we track down the taxi without having any clue about it? Suddenly my friends got reminded of something magical. On our way to the hotel from the airport, the entire journey was captured as a motion video in the camera. Could there be some clues in the video? At least it was worth investigating.

The video was long, so we had to quickly glance through it and find clues. Most of the video had captured the mountains and greeneries (yes […] Continue Reading…

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