How can it not change?

It has really been a while and I have not posted. Looks like micro-blogging is taking away all the sheen of blogging from me. Anyways, so I’ve landed in Riyadh AGAIN! My second home indeed!

And I am really disappointed that the airport experience just doesn’t change here. 2 hours to clear the immigration! And that too when there was just one flight which had landed. How can there be no supervision and responsibility of these stupid people sitting at the immigration counters. They absolutely refuse to work. For every one passport they stamp, they spend at least 15 minutes to […] Continue Reading…

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IIRS and me – How perspectives change!

It was not long ago that I was an undergrad student at IT-BHU, on my way to become a mining engineer. There used to be an organization, IIRS, all over my mind. I desperately wanted to get into remote sensing and use it for geophysical exploration and analysis. It was not easy to do so at IIRS as an undergrad. I finally did a few projects at IIT-KGP and IIT Powai to offset my desire to get into remote sensing and stuff. IIRS still remained a distant dream.

Fast forward to the then future and the current present. I am […] Continue Reading…

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‘The’ Jabra Halo review

Jabra Halo

It has been a while since I have been using ‘the’ Jabra Halo bluetooth stereo headset. I thought to quickly share my experience with it so far:
The technology

While the bluetooth communication technology has come a long way, it has to cover some ground yet. It may be perfect for a wireless mouse, keyboard or file transfer (slow though), it warrants an improvement as far as stereo audio streaming is concerned.

Having said this, unless you are an audiophile, the technology will not fail to impress you!

The goods

Seamless pairing with the phone. I have never had […] Continue Reading…

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Amazon may have tamed the cloud but…….

Recently I got an opportunity to attend the Amazon Web Services cloud computing event held in New Delhi. I am not going to blog about the cloud computing stuff and all. However, it is worth mentioning that the lead Amazon has got in the cloud computing race is definitely going to be worth observing. I really like the simplicity they’ve brought-in onto the complicated infrastructure and deployment related issues which enables one to scale their application without bothering much about the underlying details. This is definitely going to stay!

So why was I there?

I was hoping to win the Kindle […] Continue Reading…

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My experiences with HDFC #1

While I can write a long post on my experiences with HDFC, let me just mention a couple of interesting ones today:
Internet banking seems to be down for the last couple of hours at least. This is what they have to say:

“ Banking Account related features on NetBanking are temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly. Credit Card Enquiry, Demat and Debit Card details would continue to be available. We regret the inconvenience caused.”

These outages are happening too often at HDFC. And last time (a few weeks ago)  the system was ‘temporarily’ unavailable for over 48 hours. Wow!
A couple of years […] Continue Reading…

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