Why so stressed?

I am sitting at the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivagi airport. Although still fresh in the morning, the air around the place I am sitting is filled with stress. Yes, stress.


Around me are half a dozen gentlemen, all wearing expensive suits and watches. All of them have a tablet (laptops are so old fashioned). Their luggage strolleys look brand new (as if they purchase one every time they travel).
I walked up to the newspaper stand nearby. There’s The Times of India, some local newspaper and one section which doesn’t have anything. I suppose it had The Economic Times, which all these […] Continue Reading…

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Why is English so foreign in Hong Kong?

The Amazing Hong Kong Skyline


I recently traveled to Hong Kong with my wife and intended to write something ASAP. Thanks to the piled-up work, I finally get an opportunity to post something. Hong Kong is just amazing! It is one of those places where you can experience everything. A great modern city, mountains, beaches, the up markets and the street shopping for the bargain hunters. Great food (well only if you are a non-vegetarian unlike me!). Theme parks, fishing villages, exciting hiking trails, high-speed ferry rides, the open top bus rides…..the list goes on!

We just […] Continue Reading…

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How important is your blog post’s title?

Before you go on to read, just pause for a while and think what this post is all about just by reading the title.

Chances are:

If you are a techie, thoughts like SEO, page rank etc. will come to your mind.
If you are a business guy and all that stuff, chances are that catchy, positioning  etc. come to your mind.
And if you are somewhere in between (probably like me), then a mix of above would flash across.

Opps!  nothing came to your mind?  Go and relax! Probably you are quite tired.

So how important is the title anyway? I won’t write all […] Continue Reading…

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Faster than light? Yes Sir! Possible


The reason I am compelled to write this post is that I’ve just got a payment reminder for the domain. I must write something, else I’ll not feel good while releasing the payment. Thanks to Ankit, I haven’t yet paid anything for hosting.

I didn’t know what to write about. So I will just mention a few pointers on faster than  light travel which I have come across recently. We all know that Einstein’s relativity puts a limit on the maximum speed through which anything can travel; and the limit is the speed of light, which is constant.

Yes, imagination can […] Continue Reading…

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Finally I get to see a mummy!

A mummy at the British Museum, London

I wouldn’t call it a childhood dream, but it has been quite a while since I have been looking to see a mummy. I am sure a lot of us want to. The Egyptian history is probably one of the most fascinating ones. Mummies and Pyramids would be on the hit list of anyone who even has a little interest in history (or may be with no interest in history, these could still be something which one would like to witness!)

I just had a few hours to spare on […] Continue Reading…

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