Faster than light? Yes Sir! Possible


The reason I am compelled to write this post is that I’ve just got a payment reminder for the domain. I must write something, else I’ll not feel good while releasing the payment. Thanks to Ankit, I haven’t yet paid anything for hosting.

I didn’t know what to write about. So I will just mention a few pointers on faster than  light travel which I have come across recently. We all know that Einstein’s relativity puts a limit on the maximum speed through which anything can travel; and the limit is the speed of light, which is constant.

  • Yes, imagination can be faster than light. One of my teachers told me long ago. But this is Philosophy. And not Science.
  • The limit is applicable on anything travelling through space, but not the space itself. Space can expand faster than the speed of light. And this is what the consensus is.
  • If a particle is created at a speed greater than the speed of light, then theoretically it can travel faster than light. But the question is, how can it be created at a speed which is faster than light? But it is all theory you know, so no harm knowing about this. Maybe a particle from another universe where Einstein was not born to discover relativity, somehow sneaks into our universe faster than light and continues to travel at such speeds.

I read an interesting interpretation somewhere. One can’t ‘encounter’ something which travels faster than light. To understand what it means, imagine that two of us stand 1 feet apart. And suddenly, the space between us rips apart at speeds faster than the speed of light. So we may be moving away from each other at faster than light speeds, but we wouldn’t ‘encounter’ it. We would never be able to see each other until the space keeps expanding at those rates. But hold on! If such a thing does happen and suddenly someone disappears from our sight, wouldn’t that itself prove that faster than light travel is possible?  By not ‘encountering’ each other, wouldn’t we actually ‘encounter’ faster than light travel?

Wow! I just did a thought experiment like Einstein! And also found a paradox. Not bad. And that too triggered by a $10 domain renewal bill. Innovation can’t be this cheap. Something must be wrong. Find out 🙂

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Amit Srivastava

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Captain Allen - July 22, 2012

the expansion of universe part is understandable.. But that of vanishing of a person, i dont think it actually proves to travel faster than light.. Its all imaginary… Well nice concept


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