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Egypt: We toppled the ruler!

Last couple of days I’ve met at least a dozen people from Egypt. And they all are invariably saying

We have successfully toppled our leader and we are free!

They can’t seem to hide their excitement. They just look so relaxed. It was really nice to witness the excitement of what is going to become one of the historic events of our times.

I am happy that the Pyramids and museums are safe. I was scared of them being damaged before I witness them 😉

Cheers to the Egyptians!


How can it not change?

It has really been a while and I have not posted. Looks like micro-blogging is taking away all the sheen of blogging from me. Anyways, so I’ve landed in Riyadh AGAIN! My second home indeed!

And I am really disappointed that the airport experience just doesn’t change here. 2 hours to clear the immigration! And that too when there was just one flight which had landed. How can there be no supervision and responsibility of these stupid people sitting at the immigration counters. They absolutely refuse to work. For every one passport they stamp, they spend at least 15 minutes to roam around.  No matter which country you are from, unless you are from Saudi, these people don’t care a shit about you. Someone should listen to this. Someone should bring the change here. This is just not acceptable.

And the problem is that the actual people I’ve worked with here are far better and responsive.  I’ve met so many great people here. The airport experience is not really a true reflection of the people over here. Yes, everyone loves their country but the guys at the airport are too indifferent.

I guess immigration is not something which can be out-sourced! Else the situation would have been far better.


The impact of the Ayodhya verdict..

I’ll keep this simple. This is how the Ayodhya verdict has impacted me so far:

  • I had to cancel an important meeting last Friday in Bangalore because of this. And to add to the frustration, the verdict didn’t come then.
  • I had to go for my marriage registration tomorrow and the advocate says that with the verdict coming, no work will happen tomorrow. Now this gets pushed by a couple of weeks at least.
  • I have to go to Lucknow tomorrow which seems to be turned into a military ground today. And there is a good chance of the trip being cancelled.

Not sure what more is in store.

This is very frustrating. I am sure every Indian will be impacted by this in some or the other way. The case is on for a century and a half and this is going to continue for decades to come (at least). Once and for all the government should proclaim that piece of land and make it a no man’s land. Full stop.


TOEATs in south..

Everytime I visit Bangalore/ Mysore, there are a couple of things always on my TO-EAT list:
Vada Sambhar
Garlic Rice and Dal fry @ Greens Mysore

I just love the way tea is prepared in this part of the country. It is strong without being bitter. Somehow almost all tea shops get it right. I don’t know how. I tried to replicate it myself but I end up making it bitter. Hopefully someday, I will conqer the art.

Vada sambhar is just amazing. There’s no question of missing on this one. However, unlike the tea, vada doesn’t taste the same everywhere.

Lately all my trips to the south are headed towards Mysore. And I just can’t resist having Garlic Rice and Dal Fry @ the Greens. I just love the unique taste there. The Gobi Manchurian and the Peas Masala are good as well. And this time I tried the Egg masala too. It was good indeed (well there have been only a few occasions where I haven’t like an egg dish, so I may be biased on this one.)

At least there’s something good in the otherwise long and tiring trips. Looking forward to the Mysore airport being operational!