How can it not change?

It has really been a while and I have not posted. Looks like micro-blogging is taking away all the sheen of blogging from me. Anyways, so I’ve landed in Riyadh AGAIN! My second home indeed!

And I am really disappointed that the airport experience just doesn’t change here. 2 hours to clear the immigration! And that too when there was just one flight which had landed. How can there be no supervision and responsibility of these stupid people sitting at the immigration counters. They absolutely refuse to work. For every one passport they stamp, they spend at least 15 minutes to roam around.  No matter which country you are from, unless you are from Saudi, these people don’t care a shit about you. Someone should listen to this. Someone should bring the change here. This is just not acceptable.

And the problem is that the actual people I’ve worked with here are far better and responsive.  I’ve met so many great people here. The airport experience is not really a true reflection of the people over here. Yes, everyone loves their country but the guys at the airport are too indifferent.

I guess immigration is not something which can be out-sourced! Else the situation would have been far better.

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Amit Srivastava

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Abdulrahman Abdulaziz - April 23, 2011

That’s not true 100% ,Meight be it is personel behaviour not represent the immage of the country . The saudi pepole and the goverment alwayes keen to process thepassport as soon as poosble after the landing .

Salman - April 23, 2011

I am not trying to justify what the immigration is doing at Riyadh airport. Their action or lack of is not as bad as what Saudis expereince when they enter the US or EU. As a Saudi/American living in the US, I consider it progress when I clear immigration in 4 hours or less.
People from the Middle East who travel to the US or EU have much worse than Eroupeans or Americans traveling in the Middle East.
What is even worse than the immigration treatment is, the American and Euroupean embassies and their treatments to Saudi citizens in Riyadh.

I think you have a point, however, you should write to foriegn offcials, ambassedors and condemn they way they treat Saudis in both Saudi Arabia and their country.

I am sure when Saudi officials see their citizens treated with respect inside foriegn embassies in Riyadh and by foriegn immigration abroad, they will take a matter of how saudi immigration treat forigners in Saudi seriously.

Until then, the last thing we want to hear is how Saudi immigration treat forigners inside Saudi Arabia.

Amit Srivastava - April 24, 2011

@Aziz: Yup, it is based on my experience so far. And as I’ve already mentioned, it doesn’t reflect the warm hospitality and experience I’ve had outside of the airport. Everyone else I’ve interacted with has been really cooperative and friendly.

Amit Srivastava - April 24, 2011

@Salman: Thanks for the detailed comment and bringing into consideration the other side of the picture. You have a point. I guess such things need to change everywhere and for everyone whether it is Saudi, US, EU or India and I hope it does change soon!

Salman - April 24, 2011


It is truly unfortunate that we see the international immigration community is treating human kind this way. There is no excuse to such behavior.

If you are from Saudi or an American traveling to Iran, they treat you like a criminal even when they are certain that you are not just to retaliate against your country.
All of the international travelers around the world should speak up about the way they have been treated for the last ten year specifically.

Enough is enough, we are all human, and should be treated with respect regardless where we at or where we from.

Amit Srivastava - April 25, 2011

@Salman: That’s true. Just because of a few people with wrong motivations, millions of innocent people have to suffer. Hope humanity prevails soon!


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