I bet you can’t cancel your Kingfisher Red ticket!

Date: 30 June 2011

Time: 10:00 AM.

I have to fly back to Delhi from Mysore. I am taking the 1:15 PM Kingfisher Red flight (that’s the only one which flies out of Mysore I guess). I come to know of an urgent meeting and I decide to cancel my Mysore-Bangalore ticket. I quickly logon to Cleartrip where I had booked my tickets. It says that I can’t cancel it online within four hours of departure (I think it was 4 hours) and I should visit the airline website. That is acceptable. Though I am not sure what the limitation is. Technology or something else.

I immediately logon to the Kingfisher Red website and look for cancellations.  They’ve managed to hide the link brilliantly. And then I find it! Relieved. But then, life’s not so easy. I come to know that I can only cancel the ticket online if I have booked it through the Kingfisher website. So I must contact the Kingfisher customer care. Now that is disgusting.

Nevertheless, I call up the customer care. My brain is popping out now. I have to hurry to the office to attend the meeting. After pressing some 1/2/5/3 and what not, I reach the cancellations section. And then the stupid music starts. Occasionally, the lady talks about some new sectors and some enhanced Kingfisher Red experience. I think she is mentioning about the enhanced cancellation experience I am having. 10 minutes have gone by, and my brain is completely out. I cut-it there and quickly move out of the guest house to take the taxi to the office which was supposed to take me to the airport. I always have time to call-up on my way to the office.

So I am in the taxi now and I dial-in the number again. After pressing some 1/2/5/3 and what not, I reach the cancellations section. The same lady speaks the same shit. I can’t hear it properly which is good, else my brain will again pop out.  I think I fall asleep. The driver says that the office has come. The call is still on and the lady is still spitting crap. It is 11:00 AM and I rush-in for the meeting. There’s no point calling again as cancellation requests are not entertained within two hours from the scheduled departure.

Chapter closed.

Date: 1 July 2011

Time: 12:45 P.M.

As I am writing this, I am waiting for the same Kingfisher Red flight to take to me Bangalore! I can’t even say I will never fly Kingfisher Red again. That is the only flight which operates out of Mysore for now.  I don’t know what to say.


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Amit Srivastava

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ROHIT - July 19, 2011

Hi Amit,

Can you send me the link of online cancellations at
Kingfisher Red website . You mentioned in your post that I were able to find it.


Amit Srivastava - July 21, 2011

Hey Rohit,

To get to cancellations you need to first get to your booking by entering the PNR. There comes a link to cancel.

Viren - November 16, 2011

I was not able to dfind the link at all…can you please take a screenshot.I need to cancel next weeks flight on Kingfisher

I clicked on “Manage Booking” then entered my PNR n last name and my e-ticket shows up… where do i go from here ?

would be helpful if you wrote the steps where this link is located.Been breaking my head for the past 2 days.The toll free number does not work. lol

Amit Srivastava - November 16, 2011

Viren, I am not sure if they’ve removed the link because of recent changes going on with their flight schedules. I think the best bet is to somehow manage to reach them over a call.

I don’t have a recent booking to check against.

Narayan Ranjan - March 9, 2012

This company is a thief in every manner. Not only they are bad in managing their operations and business….in the process taking everyone for a ride – though not on their plane 🙂 – but also CHEATING – by not providing a button/link from where I can cancel my booking online.

The other way to look is that since I am not going to get my money anyway so what is the need for cancellation. DISGUSTING!!


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