Riyadh again…

My last post was from Riyadh about 3 months ago. And I am here again. Looks like my blogging is stuck with Riyadh!

Well this time it looks more familiar. Looks like I am beginning to understand this place better. Know where to get the right food. Know what to do and what not to do. And no Indian flags around this time 🙂 . Anyone who has stayed in Delhi and around (or most of north India for that matter) is perfectly suited for the weather here right now. It is actually 41-42 degree Celsius over here, a good 3-4 degrees lesser than Delhi! Being in a desert, I didn’t expect this. I wonder if the northern India is gonna be a desert in a few hundred years (and Saudi will transition into a green place). Who knows.

This project will require frequent travelling to Saudi Arabia so I got a local SIM. I now realize  that it is indeed true that telecommunication is one of the cheapest(if not the cheapest, which I think it is) out there in India. By the time this project gets executed I would have traveled to more than 15 cities!

The first one on the list is Madinah! Guess what? There is only *one hotel* in Madinah which allows non-Muslims to stay! And there is a line of divide beyond which only Muslims can go! I am sure this is going to be interesting.

Let’s hope blogging continues.

Thanks to the people who (still) read my blog!!!!

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Amit Srivastava

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Arasu - June 3, 2010

I coming there too. I can learn something from you, Amit. Hopefully got vegetarian foods there. 🙂

Amit Srivastava - June 4, 2010

@ Arasu: Welome 🙂 . We have figured out good vegetarian outlets here. So no issues!


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