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Synchronized | Calendar | Outlook <-> Google <-> Mobile



For a long time I was using Outlook to track my meetings and tasks using the default calendar.  Then I started using the Google calendar as well, mostly to track personal items. And then some birthdays and reminders on my mobile. While all this worked, there were obvious limitations:

  1. I couldn’t access all my calendar items at one place.
  2. The only thing I always had access to was my Mobile.

So the goal was to at least have everything on my Mobile, irrespective of where they were created. Of course the wish was to have all three synchronized.

The task was 10 times easier than it sounds. The fact that the Outlook and the Mobile calendar were localized to the devices (the laptop and the mobile), I just needed a hinge to link the two.  And as always, Google came to the rescue.

Outlook <-> Google

Google have released the Google Calendar Sync which performs a two way sync between Outlook and a Google calendar. It installs in seconds and synchronizes in seconds as well.  So one step conquered !

Google <-> Mobile

Now I needed to sync my Google online calendar with the Mobile. Since I have a Nokia E series which supports Mail for Exchange it was quite a easy task. Thanks to this link for the additional help.

Note that you can actually synchronize other stuff like contacts etc. using Mail for Exchange. But I need to organize my contacts first, which I am too lazy to do now. May be next time.

We’ll that was just one of the numerous solutions which exist. Following are some additional links which will help achieve the same on a wide variety/platform of Mobiles:

Another useful article for the entire process:

How to Automatically Sync Your Contacts & Calendar Between a Nokia Phone, iPhone, Gmail and Outlook / Mac iCalendar / Address Book on multiple computers

There are tons of other options available. Just Google!