An unforgiving week at work comes to an end! The quality of work done was at its worst. Even productivity seemed low. To compensate for that I had to put in the extra time. So somehow I managed to do a greater quantity of work at the cost of quality. quality*quantity = constant! I can’t help that.

Looking to catch up with friends and relax before the new week begins.

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Someone lend me some time..

If at all it was possible to borrow time, I would do everything to get it. I haven’t touched my new camera for two days! This is as busy as it could be….Anyway, hope I’ll spend some quality time with my camera soon….

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Professional Communication Protocol

Of late, I have had opportunities to interact with various people across the globe. And I am only referring to communications over the phone/web messengers. Invariably, the first piece of communication would be a question form the caller to the receiver:
 “Hi receiver! How are you doing?”
So what’s special in this? Well nothing yet. Let’s continue…

From the answers I have received and also the one’s I put up in response to the greeting, it almost always has to be one of the following:
 Hi caller! I am doing ‘Good’. How about you?

 Hi caller! I am ‘OK’. How about you?

 ‘Not bad’. How […] Continue Reading…

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Marriage season

I have been trying to keep up with the pace my batch mates are getting married. Already attended 3 weddings in the last one month or so. Two more lined up in the next couple of weeks. And I couldn’t attend about 3 of them. So a total of 8. Wow!

It’s nice to take short breaks. Even though the travel is hectic, the mind gets recharged. I wish I could attend all.

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My TV Remote Caught Cold!!

Now this is strange but true! Around three weeks ago my TV tuner’s remote suddenly stopped working. And over the last three weeks I did the following:

Changed the batteries (twice to ensure they are not the culprit.)
Disassembled the remote completely and reassembled it.
Dropped the remote from six feet above the floor when it still didn’t work after trying a couple of approaches above.

Just to mention, the remote worked for a couple of minutes at times and then stopped working. I would also like to share that a stupid thought came to my mind. Could it be possible that something […] Continue Reading…

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