Hame Wi-Fi Router, Power Bank, Wireless Storage Access and a lot more!

Hame 5 in 1 Router

Hame 5 in 1 (Swiss Knife!)

If you’ve been using one of the new-gen smart phones, I am sure you have complains about what battery-sucking monsters these are. Even with moderate use, they just won’t last more than a day. While one could manage by feeding them with power every once in a while, it really becomes tough when you have to travel. Phone calls, emails, social media, music, games and what not. You just can’t do without these (I am not debating whether this is good or bad. Leave that for some other time). And not just smart phones. Portable music players, speakers, console games, tablets. All of these need to be charged more often than you would like.

So is there a solution? Well, I guess there are lots. The gadget world is so full of devices that you can never be without a solution (BTW, every new gadget solves a few problems, but it creates a few as well :)). The market is flooded with power-banks that are portable. You can just get any of them. Depending upon your (and your smart phone’s) appetite for power, these are available in various capacities. So if your phone battery is 2200 mAh, a 2200 mAh power bank is sufficient to charge your phone once. A 4800 mAh power bank would charge it a little over twice.

But if you’re smart, you would not buy ‘just’ a power bank. Just like I did 😉 . My quest for a power bank led me to a wonderful range of devices that provide tons of other features apart from providing power to devices. Introducing the Hame ‘smart’ power banks (there are many other brands as well). It offers the following:

  1.  5200 mAh of solid back-up power.
  2. Wi-fi Router for wired LAN connections: If you’ve been to hotels where they just provide wired LAN for free (and charge a bomb for Wi-fi) , you know how useful this can be.
  3. Share your portable 2G/3G connection from dongle over Wifi: I have a Tata Photon  3G dongle that works like a charm with this gadget (if you’re thinking why not directly plug into your laptop and use it? Well how about Wi-fi on your smartphone? And what if you want your family/ colleagues to share the connection?)
  4. Wireless Storage: If you have a DLNA certified media device (most of the LCD/LED TVs are) and want to stream media from a hard drive or pen drive over Wi-Fi, this gadget will not let you down. I’ve tried, and it works like a charm.

I guess there was one more feature that I can’t recall. I’ve used each and every feature I’ve listed above for over 3-4 months now and they all work really well! For the price I paid, the returns are truly remarkable.

To me it is like the electronic Swiss-Knife of the modern day needs! Highly recommended.

More details on the website:


I bought it from eBay, but these are available on all major online retail stores.


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