Travel Diary -> Delhi – Mumbai, September 2012


I haven’t been travelling for a while. I was planning to avoid it for a few more weeks, but then this important meeting came up. I had to go. Little did I know that the trip will turn out to be interesting (it is not over yet).

I deliberately took an afternoon flight. The Delhi airport has never been so empty. No rush at the airline counters. Security was a breeze. Waiting areas were vacant. It was like never before. I looked around and then tried to catch-up with news on my mobile to ensure everything is fine. It seemed fine indeed! Anyways, that’s not the point here. I went up to the gate as printed on my boarding pass. Reached the aircraft. Boarded and went straight to my seat. I was on the aisle side. On the window seat, I saw someone sitting and talking over the phone. Someone with a good sense of fashion (unlike me!!). It flashed that I have seen this guy somewhere. But then, I couldn’t recall. Tried to think, and then gave up.

I settled down and started reading something. I couldn’t concentrate. The guy was talking some really big numbers. Was definitely tensed. It was about some contract. But it was not usual business stuff. It sounded like a modelling contract. He didn’t put the phone down until the plane took off. Surprisingly, no one reminded him to switch off.

I looked at him. Exchanged smiles. I again tried to recall if and where I have seen him. And suddenly it came like a flash. This guy was a supermodel tuned actor. I could easily relate now. I couldn’t have missed him a few years ago. But then, he hasn’t featured a lot recently.

This could have easily happened to anyone. It doesn’t really deserve a post. What followed does deserve one.

After a brief exchange of words and whereabouts, I went back to reading. I deliberately didn’t talk a lot as I am really bad at watching movies. I would have easily screwed. We had lunch.

After a while, I heard as if he was having some trouble breathing. I looked at him. He seemed normal. I went back to reading. And then all of a sudden he started crying! This is weird. Isn’t it? You do not see men crying like this often. I was surprised. It seemed as if no one noticed. He was really crying like a kid. It was awkward for me. I didn’t really know what to do. A few minutes, and he was still crying. I just put my hands on his shoulders and checked if needs something. That made him cry more. He didn’t say anything and kept crying. After sometime, he gathered himself. Went off to the washroom and came back after quite some time. We spoke for a while. And the conversation that followed allowed me to understand his state of mind.

To respect his privacy, I will not mention his name.  Not even the conversation. Life is full of twists. For some time, all my worries vanished.  It was moving to see him in that situation.

The plane landed. He was normal by then. I went off to take my luggage. He moved on. I waited for my luggage (somehow, it always arrives towards the end). Someone tapped me from behind.  He came back to say thanks. And went away.

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