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Last couple of days, I have been at AlBaha, the hill station in the desert! It literally is. The temperature during the day is about 30 degrees and during the night, it becomes really cool. Before coming down, I had read about the place and got an impression of it being a tourist place. I expected it to be a lively city with lots of tourists, especially that it boasts a pleasant climate in a region which is otherwise full of desert. But that was not to be. The airport itself looked deserted. Ours was the only plane seen around. The airport looked as if it is a make-shift arrangement.

The good thing is that the airport is on the top of a hill (scary as well). AlBaha is unlike most of the hill station I’ve seen so far. Lots of hills. Very, mind you, *very* steep roads. Our Maruti 800s from India won’t do. And people drive at 140+ even on such hilly terrains. The place has a potential to be developed as a great tourist destination, but it is far from being so at the moment. Very few people to be seen around. No place to see around. Very few shops. All you can see around is mountains being blasted off to create roads and buildings.

The place is green though. The scenetic beauty is good.

Not too many options for vegetarians. Unlike Riyadh, it is not a commercial place where you have people from India and neighboring counties. There is no ‘little India’ here.

I hope that this place will grow to be a great tourist place in the coming years!

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Amit Srivastava

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Jitendra - June 15, 2010

Awesome place, and really its unbelievable that such hill station exist in desert :)) you must enjoyed it .. literally.

Amit Srivastava - June 16, 2010

@ Jitendra: Yes it is. Will share some pics soon!

Jon - June 18, 2010

That 140+ bit is unbelievable.. but i guess the roads there must be really good too…

Amit Srivastava - July 22, 2010

@Jon: Yeah the roads were awesome!


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