Google’s answer to Apple…

Google Voice Dialer (courtesy TechCrunch)
Google Voice Dialer (courtesy TechCrunch)

Google and Apple certainly fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the business philosophies.

Google is more of an open book while Apple is a closed one.

With ‘Google Voice‘ being released last year, Google had created an iphone app for the same. However, Apple hadrejected it citing direct business conflicts with iphone’s core voice and messaging features (it could have been more of an AT&T decision):

Apple Is Growing Rotten To The Core: Official Google Voice App Blocked From App Store

Now Google responds with this:

Google Voice Does An End Run Around Apple And Shows Up In The iPhone’s Browser

Google voice can now be accessed on iPhone’s native browser! It is an all new HTML-5 application.

Now that’s something from Google. What could Apple do to take this on?

Note that I’ve been Apple’s fan ever since I got an iPod touch a year ago. No one can match (or is even close) to the user experience one get’s on these Apple devices. Plus the entire ecosystem including the hardware, the app store, the iTunes client software just rocks!

I was wondering how a strong product line (and services of course) like the iPhone and the iTouch are good enough to  cover up for some  of the not-so-good decisions by a company.

Interesting times to be in. I am early waiting for tomorrow’s press conference where Apple is expected to release the tablet/iSlate or whatever.

Google Voice Inbox (courtesy TechCrunch)
Google Voice Inbox (courtesy TechCrunch)

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