My ‘Book Push’ theory!

Although I am not an avid reader like my friend Ankit I do tend to read stuff on and off. While I want to read a lot, lack of time (and lazyness) prevents me to read as much. Also, when I have some free time I use it to decide whether to read, or to watch an astronomy documentry or to watch a movie or……………or to sleep. And eventually I sleep.

So under such flikering conditions, how do I keep myself motivated to read stuff? Over the last couple of years, I have come across a few postulates:

  • At any given point in time, I must have a few unread books else I won’t read any particular book.
  • I stop reading when the number of unread books falls to two(2).
  • There must be two or three junk books with me, which I would never read. These books have been bought by mistake and discarded after reading a chapter or two. However the guilt of buying these books remains until I buy a few ‘readable’ books after them.

So that implies that as soon there are only two unread (and readable) books with me, it is time to order new books! This is what I call the ‘Book Push’ theory! In order to motivate myself to read, I push books onto the stack so that a couple of unread books pop out.

So the planned books you see on the left pane are the one’s which I already have and not the ones which are planned to be purchased.

Although wierd, the theory works for me! Β Does it also work for you? Β πŸ˜‰

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Amit Srivastava

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Ankit - August 14, 2009

Hell, I have over 40-50 unread books lying around. They motivate me pretty well πŸ™‚

Amit Srivastava - August 15, 2009

@Ankit: That’s a lot of motivation for sure!

Deepak - August 20, 2009

Nice postulates, I must say, you have come up with. I could not stop myself laughing πŸ™‚

For me one reason is enough, I HATE READING.. may be because I am a slow reader!! I still wonder how in the world did I graduate!! I do not expect any comments from you Mr. Babu!!

Amit Srivastava - August 21, 2009

@Deepak: Hehe. OK. I won’t comment much here on a public forum πŸ™‚

Deepesh - September 9, 2009

That’s almost opposite to how i read (or more correctly used to) books. If I feel the need to read another book while I am reading one, kinda makes me think that may be I am just pushing myself to read it when I don’t really want to. However, over years, I have moved myself to keep at least a couple of books open in parallel and it has led to a lot of unread books now. Most of them get popped prematurely πŸ™‚

Amit Srivastava - September 10, 2009

@Deepesh: yeah, those half read books are inevitable πŸ˜‰


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