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The new year hasn’t been forgiving at all. Three weeks and no post! That itself tells the story. Good that I didn’t make a new year resolution to put up a post every week at least.  

I have as many as 4 articles at the ‘draft’ stage. Two of them are at the ‘conceptualization’ stage! Unfortunately a couple of them are technical in nature, and are held up for some simple validations before I publish them. I need 3-4 ‘quality hours’ if I have to publish those. And I am not able to do this for about two weeks now.

It makes me wonder if the same has been happening in my professional life as well. There are some things which need attention. And they need ‘quality time’ to be spent.  There are so many things which are happening in parallel that I am just being pushed by the sheer momentum of the state-of-affairs. Not that I am not trying to get over, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Now this is what came to my mind yesterday night.  Since I have too many articles at the draft stage, I am into this trouble. Probably if I would have focused on one at a time, I would have had two new posts. But I chose to get into all of them simultaneously and kind of got stuck with all.

Again posts–>profession! I think the solution to the situation is to take up things one by one. It would be better if I spent each day on a particular assignment/problem and try to close them rather than juggling with everything in a day. It’s as simple as that. I am going to try it from today itself.

I hope it sounds sensible. I am open to any suggestions to tackle this situation. Also, I’ll try to be more regular in blogging. So please keep hitting my blog once in a while.

Here’s a twist–> I just wrote that I’ll take up one task at a time and finish it, spending quality time etc. etc. What have I just done? Instead of taking up one of those drafts and completing it, I wrote a new post altogether! So the situation remains as it was. I bet I do the same when I am at office.  You know what I mean. Life is so funny 🙂

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Rahul - January 23, 2008

hey thats the funny part of it, most of us know what is to be done in such situations, but its just that we are not able to (or we dont want to ) get out of it and want to live with it, may be it gives us more satisfaction.

Amit Srivastava - January 24, 2008

@Rahul: Thanks for the comment. So let’s start changing a couple of things when you are here next 🙂

Abhinav - January 29, 2008

You have touched upon a teasing problem. There are so many things that I should be spending quality time upon but other things just seem to find a way to interrupt those attempts 😉 … Long time back, I read some of that bestselling book by Stephen Covey, where he broke things into four quadrants: not urgent, not important; not urgent, important; urgent, not important; urgent, important. The third one is a notorious quadrant and yes, I am to blame for a lot of first quadrant things. Somehow, I have to spend time and do things in the second quadrant consistently 🙂

Lokesh Ranjan - January 30, 2008

Its good that you think of sharing your thoughts to outside world but its U who decides what’s important in your life. In another way U have choosen your profession and the change in outside world can happen only by your actions. So please don’t blame your profession and U will always have spare time for writting your blogs if you enjoy it.


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