Hello World

Anyone who has ever got an opportunity to learn any programming language, would have come across a Hello World starter application for sure. For those of you haven’t, let me tell you, it’s a small computer program which welcomes you to the world of programming by printing Hello World! on your screen. And I was ecstatic when I was able to run my first program!

Just when I was about to write the ‘About’ page for my blog, it stuck me that there couldn’t be a more apt title than ‘Hello World!’ After all, a blog is one of the ways to say Hello to the web-world.

That’s enough explanation for a title I guess. I am Amit Srivastava, 25 years of age as I write this. A mining engineer by degree, started my career as a software engineer (yes the same thing every next door guy does in India these days) and by the time I retire, I may be doing something completely different which even I don’t know at this point in time.

So far, my writing experience has revolved around the following:

  1. Writing my exam papers (I couldn’t manage to escape those somehow.)
  2. Writing emails.
  3. Scribbling into notepads while I am at work. I am sure I can’t make sense of most of those myself.

If that discourages you to continue reading my blog, here’s more>>

Somewhere I read that reading makes a person more mature and complete and also inspires one to write! Wow great! Here’s some background about my reading habits:

While I don’t really remember what I read (apart from some uninteresting course books) before I joined my engineering at IT-BHU, I did make three valiant attempts to inculcate reading habits throughout my engineering days. Some senior, who got through all the six IIMs said, “Keep reading whatever you can grab and that will do the trick.”. Guys who got scholarships from some of the top ranked US universities had similar opinion. Well, I didn’t really like the idea, so I spent the next four years looking for guys who excelled without this reading funda.

Anyone who is wondering of those three valiant attempts, let me put them down:

  1. The Hindu. Yes this was the newspaper which was suggested across for its rich content and thought provoking editorials. I can count the no. of papers I could read. Though this paper does live up to standards, in my opinion it is not the right choice to start off one’s reading journey.
  2. The Firm.
  3. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

Not to take away any credit of the above publications, the failure is completely on me.

There’s one more thing to add to all this. Word Power by Norman Lewis. My batch mates would vouch for that. The book is still with me, brand new as it ever was. A great book to improve one’s vocabulary and I do hope I’ll finish it up some day and move on to another book by Normal Lewis which I have been aspiring for some time now.

All that, kind of, summarizes part-I of my reading story. Fortunately things did change for the better in the last couple of years and one of my recent achievements is finishing up an 800 page book!

To be continued………..



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