Amazon customer service – It doesn’t get better than this!

The Kindle!

The Kindle! (Imageย courtesy- Amazon)ย 

I’ve just experienced what might be the best customer service in my life! It is definitely the best so far. The story goes like this. Eyeing an eReader for a long time, I had ordered a Kindle back in November. Since I one of my friends was travelling to India from the US, I got my Kindle delivered in the US. Once I laid my hands on it, it was definitely one of the most prized gadget I ever owned (yes, there are emotions involved).

The Kindle worked flawlessly for a couple of months and I kept reading on and on until that day! Yes, I was travelling to Riyadh and had put my Kindle inside my bag. When I took it out, I saw my screen frozen with some horizontal and vertical lines on it. That was it. My Kindle was broken. And my heart as well. I was in such a state of shock that I didn’t even bother to contact the customer care to get it repaired. Since the Kindle was damaged because of possible baggage mishandling, there was no way I could dream of a warranty claim.

After about a month, once I gathered myself, I simply called the Amazon customer care from India to check on the options of getting it repaired ( of course at my cost). It was like a routine call and little did I expect that it would turn out to be the best ever customer care experience I have witnessed to date (and possibly will ever witness). I explained my situation. And the executive on the other side listened to me patiently. Once I was done he said, let me see what I can do for you. And beyond that, it was like a charm. I can keep writing about it, but let me be precise for the readers:

  • Amazon offered me to *replace* my Kindle free of cost under warranty.
  • Amazon offered to ship my Kindle free (priority International shipping) to India (note that my Kindle was shipped to the US originally.)
  • Amazon agreed to bear the custom clearance formalities, custom duties etc.

As if the above was not enough, Amazon agreed to pay for the shipping charges incurred to ship my defective Kindle back to the US.

I have no words to appreciate this gesture. Kindle is by the the best eReader out there. I might have purchased a new one even if Amazon did not offer a free replacement. But they did. And I am a customer for life!

I have my new Kindle already with me. Amazon has not just replaced a piece of hardware. It has given back a lot more which I can’t even explain.

Thank you Amazon!


Update: I have stopped tracking this post. But it seems that Amazon is still amazing people with its customer friendliness! Here’s a more recent experience from one of my colleagues:

The Rare Case Of Replacing An Out Of Warranty & Broken Kindle (For Free)



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58 thoughts on “Amazon customer service – It doesn’t get better than this!

    1. vikas singh

      hi amit
      noticed you have lot of freinds with kindle problems ,we are repairing All KINDLE products like
      KINDLE HD and KINDLE FIRE please let us know if you have any problems we repair water damaged,broken screen ,broken LCD cases
      We are also repairing all APPLE products since 1997



      1. anupam

        I accidentally wiped my kindle fire hd 7 including OS, now kindle is stuck in orange bootloop. meanwhile I tried few tools like kindle fire utiltiy, SRT, KFhd but of no use ,, how can you help me in this regard?

        1. vikas singh

          Sorry to know that you are having that problem with your kindle well you could bring it to us we are specialising in all hardware and software problems for complete range of Kindle products .

          we are

          NEW DELHI 110065

          JULIAN JOHN – 9810124668
          VIKAS SINGH – 9971115336

    2. mk

      Congrats to you. But I ve faced exactly the reverse.
      1st they dont ve any service centre.
      there is no authorised centre as well.
      these people have declared my kindle as dead and put up a sorry face, saying they cannt help it.
      I think, everyone, within warrantnty period will treat u that way, post that it will treat you like this.

  1. Arpit Patni

    Good..nice to know.
    BTW between ipad vs kindle, wht u suggest?
    I know the big difference in price..but do extra features worth the diff. or Kindle is gud enuf?

  2. Sumit Arora

    Hi Amit………..
    I am experiencing the same problem with my kindle. My didi got it for me from US. It just keeps on showing vertical and horizontal lines.What should i do? Are there any service centre in India? Please help

  3. Sumit Arora

    Thanx amit……….. i have contacted them and they are sending me a new one at my address without any shipment charges. Amazon, indeed provides best customer care service in the world.

  4. Sanjay

    Hi amit,
    could i get in touch with you personally as i seem to be facing the same problem. Which customer care did you contact, and what all queries were asked regarding the same. Hoping eagerly for a reply.

  5. Archana

    Hey amit that’s great.I think free internet around the world ddoes count for a lot ya.slow as it might be..wonder why apple did not add whispernet

  6. Santhosh

    Hi Amit,

    i faced exactly same problem just now had conversation with customer support team . They told me that they will replace the kindle and had sent the mail . They asked me to updated my credit card details and said they will charge the amount for new kindle and refund the amount back . i have a query how can i contact you ?

    1. Amit Srivastava Post author

      Hi Santhosh,

      Amazon did charge my account as well. However, the refund was processed immediately. In fact, the refund came first and then by card was credited with the amount ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. vyoma gajjar

    my kindle ius frozen !! and it doesnt work ..i m highly taken aback by the kindle services !!
    and the indian number i cannot call !! i am not able to contact them anyhow !! kindly help me contact them soon..i have got so many books from the kindle store and all of them seem to be wasted..pls pls help me soon..

  8. vyoma gajjar

    how do i get i replaced ?? pls tell me the address !! how do i send it back !! will they return it as it was..pls lemme know !! i am really tensed…

  9. RSV

    Hi Amit,

    I have the exact same experience – bought Kindle during my trip to the US last month and now its frozen and dead.

    I just spoke with an extremely unhelpful csr at amazon who says shipping to and from will be done only for a US address since it was originally shipped to the US.

    Am following up with them over email referring to yours and other folks’ positive experiences. Am hoping it gets resolved – will keep you and others here posted on how it goes.

    I have been an amazon customer for 13 years now in the US, and a Zappos delighted customer for 7 + years. My thought earlier was that Amazon hopefully learnt a thing or two about customer service after acquiring Zappos, but still quite some ways to go I suppose. Thanks for sharing.

    Would request the couple of folks above to come back and give an update on how their experience was so that we can have more evidence when speaking with amazon on this.


    1. Amit Srivastava Post author

      Hi Sri,

      Thanks for the comment. It does sound like Amazon may have updated the policies. The replacement is shipped to a US address.

      Let’s hope your manage to get a replacement here!

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Rajesh

    I was going to buy Imported Kindle from
    But by reading RSV update I am bit confused now.
    Can someone please update if they have any issue in 2012 and customer service.

  11. keaton

    hi i have a kindle fire all of a sudden it hung and when i push the power button to put it on it opens up to some team recovery project . what should i do !!

  12. Tony

    You, my friend, are truly the exception to customer service by In the past 2 weeks, 4 different people told me 4 different things. They even used the word “guarantee” my gift card issue to be deposited. To date, no change. To date, they are sending me emails that go against every conversation we had. Luckily, I save copies of all of the conversations. Bottom line is that Amazon will only do what they want-there is no concern for the customer here. They say wait 2 weeks, but after you show them the facts, they say 24-48 hours. Then they send you an email saying 2 weeks. So you wait. All of that time wasted and all promises broken. I am done with Amazon. As a buyer and a seller.

    1. Amit Srivastava Post author

      hmmm…not really. Actually when I got it replaced, the purchase was 0 :). But I understand that now the replacements are limited to the country where you purchased. Or maybe, I was really lucky!

  13. a rama rao

    my son send us amazon kindle 1 year back from USA
    we kept this idle for two months. Now we are unable to start
    the kindle although we charged it completely. Presently we are stayed at south delhi r k puram, new delhi. kindly advice us nearest center for repairing.

  14. ritwik

    I bought kindle dx from homeshop18 on 20 oct, 2012. They shipped it from US. Today due to an unfortunate event of accidental exposure of pressure by hand, my Kindle Dx 3G 9.7″ screen got cracked at a point and slowly the ink has spread all over. I called up Homeshop customer care, they had no clue, so they said they will call me back tomorrow with information about options related to screen replacement. I looked up in google, ebay and few other are providing Dx 9″ screen at 100$ approx cost, even if i am left with no option other than buying a new screen, how do i get it fitted on my kindle device? Any help? thanks in advance.

  15. Jaspal Singh

    Hi Amit,

    I have bought my kindle from UK, 7 months back. It has got some problem now. I can not dial the customer care no. you have mentioned from my phone. I can see you have helped a lot of people on this. It will great if you can guide me. Thanks

  16. harpreet singh

    Dear Friend,
    I am facing a problem with my kindle fire hd it was all well since last one year but since yesterday my kindle is not getting charged no led comes on when i put it on charge .i am in India Delhi can u suggest some repair center in delhi

    1. Amit Srivastava Post author

      Hi Harpreet, I believe you can walk into any of the Croma stores as they’ve started selling Kindles in India officially. I am not sure, but logically they should provide you with the service.

  17. Mayank

    Hi amit, my sister brought kindle fire hd from us last year becoz of my mistake it got broke and i am not able to see anything.pls help me out, how to reach service center. At this moment i am living in delhi,india.pls help me out

    1. Amit Srivastava Post author

      Hi Mayank,

      I believe the best way is to call Amazon customer care center once. I think they have changed their policies now (I was lucky to get a replacement easily). However, it is worth calling them once. Alternatively, you may visit one of the Chroma stores and see if they can help. Though they may charge.


  18. Mayank singh

    Hi amit, my sister brought kindle fire hd from us last year becoz of my mistake it got broke and i am not able to see anything.pls help me out, how to reach service center. At this moment i am living in delhi,india.pls help me out

  19. Lion Khan

    Hello. I bought my Kindle from Oman and currently I am in Delhi, India. I have the same problem as yours. The screen got damaged, maybe due to the device being in bag for a long time. What am I supposed to do?

  20. Alexey John

    My Kindle 3 the LCD screen got damaged my son accidently placed his hand and pressed. I accidently left the kindle on the bed. I am located in Kerala India. Kindly help me out.
    Alexey John

  21. vikas singh

    Sorry to know that you are having that problem with your kindle well you could bring it to us we are specialising in all hardware and software problems for complete range of Kindle products .

    we are

    NEW DELHI 110065

    JULIAN JOHN โ€“ 9810124668
    VIKAS SINGH โ€“ 9971115336

  22. Rahul

    Hi Amit,

    Landed on your page thru’ a Google search… not sure if the thread is still active. Would anyone know someone who repairs a Kindle device in Mumbai. I have a Kindle 3rd Gen and screen has gone bad.


  23. Reena

    hi. my kindle has frozen & not switching off. I have tried holding the on off button for 2 minutes also. the model is the top of the line. please help

  24. gopalakrishnan

    My Amazon fire phone has accidentally fell down, front glass has broken but display is working properly. I have a doubt is it LCD screen or front glass. How shall I change the front glass. I am in Hyderabad India. Kindly send me amazon customer care number or mail ID. I am worrying a lot. Please help me

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